Scrumday Malta 19th October 2018.


On this second round of our annual agile conference, we bring you a Scrumday themed on "agile transformations", with double the attendance, interactive workshops and international speakers.

This was one day packed with stories, connections and workshops that will empower you in your journey as an agile professional and scrum advocate.

see where it all started with Scrumday Malta 2017

Missed the conference, our visual boards will give you an insight of what we did.

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Adam Darmanin

Conference Chair.
Good ol' IT professional.

Antony Nizamoglou

Program Co-Chair​, Speakers.
Change Agent & Culture Alchemist. Currently getting people out of their comfort zone @ XCaliber Technologies.

Anthony Farrugia

Co-Chair​, general.
Certified ScrumMaster and experienced QA Engineer.


Scrumday Malta 2018 was fully booked! Great to see so many Agilists joining.

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Introduction to the conference

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Introducing the people behind this community.

Key Note: Games and gamification in a Scrum team

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Danny (Danko) Kovatch

Head of the Scrum Alliance' Malta user group

Danny (Danko) Kovatch will start his talk by explaining WHAT is gamification and how it is being connected to the Agile world. Then we will go over on all the Scrum meetings (events) and describe all kind of games that we can play in order not only to create efficient meetings but also to boost their energy.

If your team suffers from lack of engagement, desire not to participate in a Scrum meeting and more and wants to change the way those meetings are being handled, this session was created for you

Did you pack the 12 agile principles on your agile journey?

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Elisabet White

The 12 Agile Principles from the Agile Manifesto are building blocks for a successful, sustainable Agile journey - regardless of industry and/or department. Many pitfalls that organizations experience are due to oversight and lack of adherence to the Agile Principles.

In this workshop we will go through common issues that lead organizations astray and provide solutions to get back on course throughout any Agile journey.

How to maximise the flow in your team

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Lucia Baldelli, Martin Lambert & Anthony Farrugia

In this workshop you will play a strategy game where participants will be asked to make decisions to maximise the flow of an imaginary development team.

You will learn tools and techniques you can use in your own team and how to identify problems in the delivery to improve predictability and performance."

Escaping the Mediocrity trap

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Kurt Bittner

In this session you will get to know how the organizations’s pursuit of predictability creates unwitting mediocrity traps that prevent positive change and growth. You will learn to understand where these traps most impede success and how to use agility to embrace uncertainty and break free of those traps.

SAFe, What is it and how does it affect the scrum team?


Ilan Sherman

In this session you will review the SAFe principles with Ilan and go over the 4 configurations that SAFe offers.

You will learn about the different levels in SAFe and the roles & responsibilities within each level. We will describe the different Backlog types, and how they map into the SAFe levels.

Finally you'll get an insight on SAFe cadence, and see how teams and programs execute it via the SAFe events/routines/meetings.

Get organized to Self organizing team


Limor Halfon

You can't play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it. The greatest music can be created in partnership, where there is an environment for engagement, accountability, safety, trust and creativity.

In organizations today value is being created by teams, and if we want to create more value we need to understand how to create great teams and to continually empower them.

Through this workshop the participants will experience the value of self-organizing teams, the mindset and the journey to get there, using games and exercises that will transform the learning into practice and fun.

Team Dynamics

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Robert Annis

In a modern organisation, individual expertise reduces innovation. To be successful, organisations need to learn how to utilize teams of these experts. In this session we’re going to talk about how to actually build such and transforming these teams into leaders of their work.

Product Leadership Lessons from the Samurai

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Chris Lukassen

This workshop offers insights for being successful at work, based on Eastern philosophies and martial arts, at the heart of which lies the right balance between reason and intuition.

Concepts such as purpose, overcoming resistance, efficiency, communication and the difference between intent and behaviour are the underlying principles of Eastern martial arts, but they can also be directly applied to modern agile (business)life. This is crucial in the modern world with flat organisations, where leadership is expected

at all levels but seldom given the training and insight to become skilled in this. Successful leadership no longer requires an effort - instead it becomes a state of being.

Panel of Experts Q&A Session.

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Either post your question on a board we will keep outside or ask it directly in this session to our panel of experts.

More Activities


All day long we will have an Agile Clinic. Find the clinic, book your 15mins, write down your problem and a coach will contact you and have a one-to-one discussion with you.

During the sessions Boaz our graphic facilitator will create life graphic boards. Don't miss these. Check these images from Boaz's previous conferences.




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